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It is the stated policy of Grace Point Behavioral that all staff members support & protect the fundamental human, civil, constitutional & statutory rights of each patient. Each patient shall be informed of his or her rights in a language the patient understands & will receive a written statement of the patient bill of rights.


As a patient you have the right to:


1. Be treated with courtesy & respect for your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual & personal values, beliefs & preferences. And a right to individual dignity & protection of privacy & informational confidentiality within the law unless there is a court order.


2. A prompt and reasonable response to questions and requests;


3. An explanation of the statutes, rules, regulations, treatments including medications, restrictions & any appeal procedures to the patient & family.


4. A treatment program planned to meet individual needs.


5. Be given information concerning the diagnosis, prognosis, planned course of treatment, medications, benefits, risks and alternatives, in terms that the patient can be reasonably expected to understand.


6. Participate in the development of a current, written treatment plan, maintained by the provider & a right to obtain the treatment plan in understandable terms.


7. Refuse any treatment, except as otherwise provided by law; & a right to be given the medical consequences of this refusal.


8. Know if medical treatment is for a clinical trial and to give your informed consent or refusal to participate in experimental research;


9. The patient has a right to basic treatment. It is the providers' fundamental responsibility to the patient to provide that treatment & the patient has a right to expect reasonable continuity of care.


10. The patient may not be deprived of any civil rights nor private or public employment because of receiving mental health services.


11. A right to care & treatment by qualified staff.


12. To be informed of the use of audiovisuals like tape recorders or cameras or similar equipment & to ensure confidentiality in that circumstance.


Alleged Violation of Rights:


Any patient & /or legal guardian alleging violation of any of these rights will need to:


1. report the violation immediately to staff present,


2. Follow up with a written statement to the office manager & expect a response within 24 hours (office hours)


3. You are entitled to legal counsel of your own seeking and at your own expense.


If you feel your rights have been violated, you may also report it to Dr Caroline Abolade, the Medical Director of this facility, or to the state department of mental health at 1 800 367 0955 or your local county's department of human resources or child advocacy center.




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