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Please review our frequently asked questions below before you call our offices as many of the questions you my want to ask have already been answered here in some detail.

Do you accept cash only patients?

By all means we accept cash paying patients. We accept all forms of payment including all major credit cards & debit cards. We do not accept checks as co - pays. You may send in a check to settle your statement balance. There is a $50 fee if your cherck were to bounce.

I need to cancel / re-schedule my appointment.

We need 24hrs notice of your intention to cancel your appointment. Our no show policy outlines the procedures neccessary to avoid the No Show full fee of $175 should you fail to attend on your appointment as scheduled. No medicines will be called in / refilled nor will further appointment be made until this is paid. 

How much notice do you need for medication refills?
One week / 5 working days. No exceptions. Even if you are coming for a therapy appointment you still need to call ahead to allow for proper functioning of the clinic without distruptions..



NO. Medication refills are not emergencies and we are unable to refill your meds after hours and on call or on weekends. 

How is a psychiatrist different from my regular medical doctor or psychologist?


A psychiatrist is first and foremost a regular doctor who after medical school, went back and did specialized training for 4 more years to be a psychiatrist and treat mental and behavioral type issues. A psychiatrist is able to prescribe the particular type of medicine that the patient may need whereas the general doctor may not neccesarily feel comfortable writing these meds as its not their area of specialty .


A clinical psychologist is a person who has undergone several years of training in behavioral health issues and the specific therapy that may help treat these issues. They have a PHD degree hence they are called "Dr" but they are not medical doctors and can not prescribe medicines, even though many psychologists suggest or recommend medicines to the general practitioners. 




Counselling sssions are private and personal sessions between an individual - the patient, and the therapist/counsellor or psychologist. Sometimes the Psychiatrist performs an add - on therapy session during your medication management visit as needed.


The therapist collects all pertinent information about your situation during the first session and together with you, they formulate a treatment plan that best suits your partcular situation.


In your subsequent sessions, you begin to work on the goals you listed, with the therapist helping you to learn new coping skills where there were none or change particular behaviors that may be causing distress presently. 


Most patients feel they can tell the therapist anything. And it is safe with them. Sometimes, they let the treating psychiatrist know when an intervention is needed. Your insurance company may be privy to your records and the information within on request too.




Treatment can include both medication and therapy.

Therapy helps by teaching the individual techniques for dealing with their symptoms and current stressors. Together, medication and therapy can help the individual restore a portion of their life that they may have lost as a result of the condition.


Medications can help boost deficient levels of chemicals in the brain such as serotonin levels in depression or medicines can help block a chemical when there is too much of it around like dopamine in Schizophrenia. Medicines can also help the body adapt to changes in the nervous system, and help the individual feel more comfortable trying out new and healthier behaviors.


 If there is an emergency involving a threat to life of the patient or to others, it is recommended that you go to the nearest emergency room and be evaluated for possible hospitalization and stabilization.


Will the doctor come and do rounds on me in the hospital?


Our doctor does not do hospital visits at this time. 


Can I call after hours just to speak with the therapist about an event that just happened?

We do not offer counselling by phone after hours. Please reserve those discussions for the next time you have a session with the therapist or the doctor.


We do not refill medicines on call.  For these, we recommend you call during regular office hours with at least 5 days notice.


If I miss my appointment, can I still call for my medicines?

Many of the medicines we prescribe are controlled substances that we are very careful with. We prefer that you keep your appointment as booked for a face to face assessment with the doctor. Where you can't make it, we may still be able to prescribe your medicines - you will have to call the nurse and check if its an appropriate situation in which we can call in meds.




What happens in a counseling session?


How do I know if I need medications?

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