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New  Patient Services

New patient? Contact us online or call us for an appointment, usually no longer than within 7-10 days. To expedite your appointment, Please download our consent forms for new patients, available below, fill & sign the forms & 

bring them back to us on or before your appointment.

A.D.H.D/A.D.D clinic

For those whose only diagnosis is ADD/ADHD, we plan to offer a clinic day purely for their medication check and follow up. Ask our office about this if this applies to you. It saves you time since every visit is streamlined, precise and concise. If you take other medicines and are stable on them, you may choose  this day as your follow up day. For a screening test to see if you have ADD/ADHD, click here. Take test no 7, print and bring to your appointment,


Our therapists have a combined experience of more than 50 years and offer a variety of therapy options to include group therapy. Our group sizes are deliberately small to allow for adequate time for each participant to engage in the process. 

Existing Patients

If you are an existing patient, please visit our resource page for other ways to help yourself. You can contact us by email for non urgent queries. To change your appointment and avoid cancellation fees, you must call the office at least 24hrs prior.  Browse the site for forms you may need or click here for more forms. 


Our nurses coordinate your care, from the moment you first walk in the clinic. We liase with your general practitioner on the best possible medication choices that do not interfere with your general medicines. We give biweekly & monthly shots for those who take their medicines that way.  We stay on top of your labs & your medication refills. We can sort out your weekly pills into pill boxes for a small fee.


The acute intervision clinic runs everyday to allow us to intervene medicallly in a crisis. We will see the patient in crisis more often - at least twice that week with the therapist, either individually or in groups, at least twice that week to see the psychiatrist and at least once to see the nurse. it helps to cut down on hospitalizations.


Our Doctor spends the time with you to determine an appropriate diagnosis and the medication management of said diagnosis. We offer new Molecular (DNA) testing to see which medicines you are genetically equipped to process better & which ones to avoid. We follow up with you by phone call to see that you are responding as predicted & address the issues if you are not. Click link below for more on DNA testing.


It's official - Binge Eating Disorder is now a real diagnosis with its own DSM V criteria set and newly approved new treatment options. Call our office if you feel that you suffer with this - yes- suffer - and would like an evaluation and proper diagnosis. Treatment is multi disciplinary with the patient being an active participant in their own recovery. Medications and behavioral approaches are the mainstay of treatment

Counseling Services

Studies have shown that the best recoveries occur when you combine medication management with individual therapy for many of the psychiatric diagnosis. The clinic matches our patients with our therapists for the best fit. If you have a therapist already, you may want to keep your appointments with them. And that's okay too!

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