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Bipolar type  1 vs Bipolar  type 2

When people  experience alternating extreme highs  of mood or mood elevation (mania) with lows of extreme sadness (depression) its is described commonly as mood swings. Clinically, this is most likely Bipolar type 1.


Mania generally includes :


.Euphoria - note that not all manias are "happy manias"


.Extreme irritability/arguementative behavior


.lots of energy,


.racing thoughts,




.Poor judgement


.little sleep but feels great or


.no sleep for days


.and risk-taking behaviors.


If you have many of the above and they go on for days at a time, you most probably are looking at Bipolar type 1.


Bipolar type 2 also can have some or all the above symptoms, but to a lesser degree of severity. It's a mini episode of the real thing also alternating with depressde episodes. You can have a majority of depressive symptoms and have fewer episodes of irritabilty, being arguementative, little spikes in energy where you are hyper productive.


What can be done?


Medication management with combinations of medicines for depression, anxiety and sleep.


Also, mood stabilizers are a must. You may need regular blood levels of these medicines to be checked


Therapy is highly recommended. 


Bipolar support groups may be helpful.





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