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Major Depression

Depression  characterized by:


Experiencing lengthy periods of sadness,


Lack of interest in the majority of normal daily activities,


Frequent tearfulness or crying spells,


Sleep/appetite disturbance,


Lack of energy or motivation,


Lack of pleasure,


Feelings of impending doom and gloom,


Feelings of hopelessness and helplessnes - i.e "no one can help me, this is hopeless", 


Feelings of worthlessness,


Thoughts of what it would be like if one died or "just went away " or "went to sleep and didnt wake up" and


Thoughts of death or suicide when the depression is severe.


What can be done?


There is help for this! Many cases of depression can be treated with just therapy alone. 


When the depression is of moderate to severe intensity, you may need both medicines and therapy, and sometimes hospitalizations


We have newer medicines now that work faster and within days as opposed to weeks. 


Discuss your treatment options with the psychiatrist or counsellor.

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