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From the Staff of Grace Point Behavioral: An Open Letter To Our Patients 


First, this is a very heart felt thank you to all our patients who made the transition with us to our new & current offices here at Grace Point Behavioral, now under the management of Dr Caroline Abolade. To our new patients: Welcome! Every effort & thought was put into making the transition to the new office seamless & comfortable for both the patients & the staff. We acknowledge the set backs along the way & we are working diligently to smooth out all the kinks.


Due to the rising cost of providing medical care, low insurance reimbursements & in order to ensure success in this new office, we reviewed our old ways of conducting the business of medicine. We researched ways to keep the new clinic vibrant and serving the community. 


We have therefore, instituted new policies to open up communications with our patients & to safeguard the longevity & existence of this new clinic.


1. You can now reach the Dr or the therapists via email. The email is on your appointment card: We check it many times a day.


2. There are answers to many frequently asked questions FAQ , on our website: including directions to the office.


3. The office opens up to start seeing patients at 8am but phone hours start at 9am. We take your calls from 9am to 4pm, closing for lunch, between 

12 -1pm


4. We require at least 24hr notice of cancellation of appointments to allow us to offer those appointments to other patients that may need them. While we do provide reminder calls as a curtesy to our patients, it is your responsibility to make note of your appointment date and time.


5. For missed appointments - so called No call / No shows, the patient will be responsible for $175.  We are unable to refill your medicines or offer any other visits to any of our clinicians until this account is settled for the missed appointments. Keeping your appointment helps reduce your cost for the visit as your insurance company defrays some of your cost. 


You can now set up a payment plan with the office manager if needed.

5. Many Insurance companies require Prior Authorizations,  (PA) - an extra level of administrative oversight in order for them to pay for some medicines we prescribe, some of which are already generic and have been for a while. Sometimes the PA is for a new dose of the same medicine the patient is already on. It takes time to perform  these PAs and takes away from our primary business of providing quality care to our patients. 


As a result, we are instituting a one time/year fee of $50 for all prior authorizations. 


We are of course happy to accommodate your request to change the medicine to a different one that may or may not require prior authorization depending on your insurance company. 


Our goal remains the same: To provide quality care that goes above and beyond the usual. Our mission is to become South East Alabama's choice for mental health services. 


We hope to continue to provide these much needed services for a very long time to come!


Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.



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